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May 15, 2016
Dishwasher breakdown repairs
June 9, 2016
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When the washing machine is malfunctioning, you can feel as if it is a complicated problem and that it is hard to deal with the washing machine repairs Westcombe Park. The truth is that some of the washing machine problems are easily solved or fixed by a homeowner. The washing machines have the same system regardless of the type of the machine. Whether you have an older model or a high end machine, they are going to work in the same way and this means that the troubleshooting is the same most of the time. When you load the clothes and then you push a button to turn the machine on and there is nothing that takes place, then it means that you have power issues. You should start by checking what is obvious and check if the machine has been plugged in a proper way. You also have to check your breaker box. You need to flip a breaker switch and see if the power is reaching the appliance. When this is not working, you have to consult the manual to find where the fuse is. There is a chance that the fuse of the machine may be blown and it may need to be replaced.
The controls are found within the washing machine and they may also cause problems with the power. There are many controls in the machine and they have different jobs. Some controls may lead to power issues and they include the timer motor, centrifugal switch and the lid switch. When you want to ensure that the controls are working, you have to check the manual to see where the controls are. You have to buy the multimeter to measure the electrical current. When the meter does not pick up the current, it means that the control has to be replaced or it is dirty and washing machine repairs Westcombe Park are needed.

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