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Dishwashers come in very handy in households these days and almost every household has one. Although you maybe didn’t think of it, it is good to know that dishwashers can also be used for washing other stuff besides the dishes. Read on to see the following items you can safely wash in your dishwasher, without fear of a dishwasher breakdown and the need for Dishwasher repairs Westcombe Park. Dishwashers are very useful when it comes to saving energy, water and time. If you maintain and use your dishwasher properly, you will not have to be afraid of Dishwasher repairs Westcombe Park.
Who would have thought that glass chandeliers can be washed in a dishwasher? But it is the truth – you disassemble the glass chandelier and the place glass parts into the dishwasher. Just place all the parts firmly so that they don’t have space for free movement on a rack, and you will get a sparkly clean chandelier in no time with a zero effort from you. Turn on the setting for sensitive wash.

If your shower head or bathroom faucets are not functioning properly, or if they are not shiny as they used to be, don’t be afraid to put them in a dishwasher. The result will positively surprise you. You can wash these along with other dishes, no need for any special washing setting.

It is good for hygienic reasons to wash hair brushes once in a while, because of all the hair styling products we use on a daily basis. Remove hair from the brush and put it into the utensils box. It can be washed on a regular washing program. A soap box and glass for toothbrushes can be washed with other dishes on a normal washing setting. They will be sparkly clean once again in no time.

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