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April 21, 2016
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May 31, 2016
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The common problems with a blocked shower Westcombe Park may be cleared using the plunger. Put some water in the shower and start to plunge. The plunger has to be used vigorously by moving it up or down before pulling it off. When the plunger fails to work, you need to use the auger and get to work at once. You can remove the trap under the tub with a pipe wrench. Large and threaded coupling on the PVC plastic may be opened using the hands. It is not likely that the tub will stop working at once. The clog in a tub usually starts slowly and it eventually stops at once afterwards and the tub drains will start to drain slowly over time. You should plunge first and if it does not work, you should unscrew the tub drain and use the bent wire in order to fish out the soap scum and the hair. When there is a pop up drain at the tub, you should raise the lever in order to open the drain hole and then clean off all the soap and the hair. This may take care of the blockage.
When the snake fails to clear the blocked shower Westcombe Park, you should use a cable auger. You need to remove the overflow plate from the end of the tub and the stopper linkage can come out of it. You can feed the 30 inches of cable down in the overflow tube and you may push it forward when turning the hand crank. You are going to see the resistance at once, but crank the auger until a cable passes the entire way through a P trap that it is found under a tub.

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