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April 19, 2016
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One of the things that we dread most is the realization that that sink is not draining. It is something that is totally repulsive because you know it is going to be really slimy and wet and it will also bring some bad odor with it. It is never fun to have a blocked sink Westcombe park.
Clogged drains are a main part of indoor plumbing. The best thing is that the issue can be troubleshooting to prevent the issues from coming up again in the future. This includes all the chronic problems too. It is important to know the things that can cause the clogs so as to avoid them at all costs.

Causes of the clogs
A blocked sink Westcombe Park comes as a result of dirt, skin flakes, hair and also food stuffs that make their way down the drain. The accumulation of the gunk is what reduces the water flow over time and this is when you realize that the sink isn’t draining as it once did.

The only way to deal with this is to make sure that the drain stopper is removed and then cleaned thoroughly. You can also try out a plunger placed in the drain by exerting pressure to dislodge the gunk. If a plunger doesn’t really work, you need to remove the elbow joint and be sure to clean it out. Drain stoppers need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any closes. Use a hair strainer cover to make sure that hair is trapped before it makes its way into the drain.

Clogged sinks are a very nasty business and it can be easily avoided by trying not to drain any solids. This is what creates issues in the long run. Sometimes the clog can be so bad if not addressed that you may have to seek professional help.

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