Tips to avoid repairs of boilers and central heating systems

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September 14, 2014
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During the winter season, there are many problem faced by the people. The home heaters such as the boilers and central heating systems have many breakdowns during this season. These problems arise due to lack of maintenance. For this purpose, you can contact the Plumbers Westcombe Park. We are trained professionals who can provide you with the best services in order to maintain your boilers and the central heating systems.
If you want to prevent these repairs, then you must follow these simple steps:
Turning up the thermostat of the boiler
In the winter season, it is best to keep the thermostat of the boiler to the maximum, so that it would manage the central heating system too. You can set the thermostat back to normal once that cold day is passed. This would help your boiler not to overwork and you will not have to worry about repairing.
Preventing the pipe from freezing
During winters, there are such days in which the temperature is below from the freezing point. Your boiler would try to function if the pipe would freeze. You can prevent this from happening. If you see that the pipes are frozen then you should pour some hot water inside so that the ice can break. You can also insulate the pipes with some old towels and rugs. If you can buy some proper pipe insulations then it would be best tip to prevent these pipes from freezing.
Setting the boiler to a constant temperature
To keep the central heating system functioning, you can set the boiler to constant 24 hours working procedure but you must keep the thermostat level low. This will make your system run normally and prevent the pipes from freezing. You can also hire the services of Plumber Westcombe Park if you have some bigger problems.

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