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July 26, 2014
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October 17, 2014
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Different to the rim supply bidet, this over-rim style is fairly simple to fit. A large majority of modern bidets are supplied with a single hole for a mixer tap with a pop-up waste connected to the tap. The hot and cold supply pipes are simply taken off the existing bathroom plumbing. The only potential issue with this installation is where to site the waste pipe. The pipe that carries the water away must have a gradual slope to the soil pipe. It may be an idea to fit this connection to existing shower or bath pipework. Westcombe Park Plumbers install all types of plumbing appliances. Make sure you allow space around the bidet, Width-1.2mtrs and depth-0.75 mtrs in order to sit or stand with some comfort. The unit is supplied with the correct size screws for wooden floors. If the floor is solid concrete, drill and plug for the screws. A Westcombe Park Plumber can carry out all plumbing jobs. There is a huge choice of Bidet taps available but all have a 15mm threaded joint at the base for supply connection. Older types of taps have a rubber washer inside that will wear with use, whilst the newer style taps have two ceramic discs needing less turns to operate and that will probably last for the lifespan of a Bidet. The tap fits through the top back edge of the unit with a rubber seal between Bidet and tap and secured by supplied washers and nuts. If this is a first fit, you will need to bring the plumbing to within 200mm of the bottom of the taps and then fit the flexible connector allowing for misalignment. The connectors can be either corrugated copper or flexible rubber with a braided steel wire sheath. This type of connector has either compression or collet-type push fit fittings, and can be purchased with or without an integral service valve which are useful as they allow you to maintain the taps by simply shutting off a dedicated valve by using a screwdriver which is good for emergencies.

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