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April 30, 2014
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May 4, 2014
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Indirect Cylinder:

This particular heated hot water cylinder has something called a heat exchanger (a coil) fitted inside. Heated water from the boiler flows through the coil, and then transfers to the stored water in the cylinder. This water inside the coil forms part of a self-contained system that is never mixed with water in the cylinder that goes to the taps. A Westcombe Park Plumber is well trained in both systems. This is a good idea and not only prevents limescale buildup in the boiler system, but it can also extend the life expectancy of the system it will allow anti-rusting additives to be used in the boiler water. Cold Water is fed into the cylinder at the bottom. There is usually a small drain cock fitted at this point. A hot water supply leaves the cylinder at the top on its way to the hot water taps. This goes through a Tee joint, and an expansion pipe also runs from this Tee joint to a feed and expansion tank sat in the loft.

Direct Cylinder:

This second cylinder is part of quite a simple system cold water is fed in at the bottom, where there is also use their small drain cock. The water in this particular direct system is heated either by a its own dedicated boiler or by electric immersion heaters fitted in the cylinder. Westcombe Park Plumbers understand these systems. A connection at the bottom of the cylinder is fed from the boiler, and this heats the water. The hot water is then returned to the hot water cylinder through a connection at the top of the cylinder. Supply of hot water for the taps exits at the top of the cylinder through a Tee joint, an expansion pipe also runs from the T joint to the cold water storage tank in the loft.

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