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April 28, 2014
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Sometimes problems can occur with a domestic boiler that may be contributed to the controls that are fitted. A thorough visual inspection of fitted controls like the thermostat, timers and the radiator valves, can sometimes highlight a problem. You should never attempt to do any in depth servicing or repair work on your central heating system yourself, rather call on the professional plumbing services such as Westcombe Park Plumbers.

Boilers and all central heating systems need to be serviced regularly by someone who is trained to do so.

An engineer such a Westcombe Park Plumber can clean, service and recalibrate, repair and re-fit all control equipment on a heating system. If the system is very old then it may be a good idea to have them install a new system.

A thermostat controls the heat in your home, either increasing or decreasing it as you want. Hot water and heating control is provided by the various switches on your boiler panel like the timed/off/constant control switches. Check that the display is reading correctly and is accurate. If you have a thermostatic control valve on the radiators you can always increase the temperature. If you have lock-shield valves fitted, then re-adjust their settings.
If no change is observed after you’ve adjusted all these settings, there is a fault with your radiator valve or valves and you will need to call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. He will drain the system and replace any defective items. Of course the work will always be guaranteed.

Condensate Pipes:

This pipe takes condensation from the boiler to the outside drain. Should the weather get really cold, this pipe can sometimes freeze and this will cause a blockage, shutting the boiler down. A warning on the boiler should give an indication of this.

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